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Who is Your Brother?

I've heard throughout life, "You are your brother's keeper." I believe this expression makes a reference to honor in relation to how we are to treat one another.

But who is my brother? Who is my sister?

As a human race, we are all brothers and sisters. We are the only ones to produce children. A seed produces a version of itself. It is its purpose. Therefore, as producers of human seed, we are versions of an original.

According to Hosea 2:1, we are to rename our brothers 'God's Somebody,' and rename our sisters 'All Mercy.’ When we consider that our brothers and sisters, keepers of one another's best interest, are the offspring formed after the image an likeness of God, then my brothers have value honoring what is good. My sisters are full of the mercy demonstrated through love.

If this does not describe you, then perhaps you've mistaken identity. Your offspring will reflect you as you reflect those before you. What do you desire to produce? Will you be your brother's keeper? Who will be your brother?

Rebecca D. Bennett

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