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About  Rebecca

“Everyone’s journey on this path leads to different results, because we are all created differently- the best of design.


Perhaps you will be gifted to discover your destiny much earlier than I really understood mine.


However, if you have progressed in your years, don’t dismay. It is not too late for you.”


- Identity the Destiny Series

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Rebecca survived in her imaginary "Sunshine"...


Rebecca was born to a family transplanted in Washington, D.C. from the Southern states of South Carolina and Arkansas. After two and a half years, she moved to Mississippi. There were many changes during this time. Since both parents worked outside the home, Rebecca’s in-home caregiver was an aunt whose husband was stationed on active duty in another country for those first years. When his duty was over, the most impressionable person in her life was gone. Now she was moving into a new home in a new state learning to cope without the security of the one person she had grown to love and trust the most.

Rebecca survived in her imaginary world where she had the mother she longed for in an acceptable life of love and security. It was also the time where she gave herself a new name and became known in social circles as “Sunshine”, even though her parents insisted that teachers use her formal name. This vivid imagination was accompanied by a tenacious spirit of independence and a compassionate heart for truth and justice on behalf of others. In dance class, she was the kind of child that did not copy a new step until she could perfect it in the privacy of her own room. That drive for excellence made her the best in her class. Yet, at recess she would rather sit and talk to the teacher than play with other children (yes…she was one of those). These five years in Mississippi were definitely challenging years for Rebecca as she suffered chronic illnesses which brought about ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia) and all of the nuances that came along with this diagnosis. Even though Rebecca was too young to talk about or understand her disease, it definitely set her apart.

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It was at this impressionable age that her infirmity created life changes that would impact her identity and sense of belonging even more. When Rebecca’s father was a young boy, he lost his nine-year-old brother tragically to a previously undiscovered bleeding disorder similar to Rebecca’s. He bled out during the night after a playing accident with her father the day prior. In addition, Rebecca’s mother was also greatly impacted by a sibling death. When her mother was sixteen, she was babysitting her younger siblings. The two-year-old wandered out of the house which resulted in a drowning. Both of Rebecca’s parents took on blame for these traumas which created an invisible barrier between Rebecca and her parents upon the discovery of this diagnosis. As if the self-appointed nickname and the imaginary mother were not enough, this diagnosis disrupted her sense of belonging within the household even more. When she couldn’t play like the other children because she couldn’t risk injury, she began to withdraw. Yet, she continued to find resolve to play quietly by herself in her imaginary world. Rebecca had little memory of her third-grade year due to the added trauma of yet another move.

About Rebecca

The name Sunshine carried her through more traumas in the course of her youth. Gradually, she began to come out of her shell and expose herself as a self-reliant, persevering old soul. She found her strengths as a performer. Her success in her vocal and drama talents propelled her reputation as a young leader among peers. Even as a junior high and high school student she began to distinguish herself from her nickname and shift into her formal name. She imagined herself independent of family support which motivated her desire to start supporting herself financially. At age 11, she started earning her own money. She started paying for her own clothes, entertainment, accessories and essentials. She bought her first house and all of the furnishings by age 18. Her ability to implement logical and practical life skills as core values established her as a reputable example of success. These values would carry over in education, personal relationships, and business.

Over the years, she learned how to confront her emotional traumas to bring healing to her identity and relationships catapulting her into the fullness of purpose. Rebecca grew as a trailblazer in the entrepreneurial arena by implementing creative innovation with practical personal management. She is now the author of three books that make up The Destiny Series, with a fourth in development. She is a Real Estate investor, owner/operator of several businesses including: B&B Enterprises, 3Trees Publishing, Gulf Coast Uniting, and Co-Founder of Wells of SouthGate. Her philanthropic interest includes serving in CASA as a Guardian ad Litem; Habitat for Humanity serving on the Family Selection Committee, Community Board of Officers, and conducting Home Ownership & Financial Coaching; Head Start as a Policy Council Member.


Rebecca and her husband, Crispin, have raised four amazing children along with fostering others, whom affectionately call them Momma and Papa B. Crispin is a dynamic minister and business leader in his own right with proven proficiency.  Crispin is an expert in his field. He is a Certified Appraiser and collateral risk expert in the banking and lending industry and has been appointed to several state and federal banking and risk regulatory committees.

Identity Front Cover 3d.1.png

Are you inspired to discover how your choices guide your destiny? There are detours and shortcuts along your destiny. Your choices affect your effectiveness within your destiny.


Choices don’t define you; they define your character.
What does your character say about you?
Transparency of oneself makes room for the best definition of your true character.


How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you know if you are the best version of YOU?

Life is not about striving. Life is about connecting. Which connects drain the Life out of you? Which connects fill you full of Life? Connect here for inspiring life-giving applications.

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